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Don't wait for a one-size-fits-all answer to your unique truck fleet insurance needs. Givesurance Insurance Services specializes in quick quotes and coverage for the commercial trucking industry. So, don't let your rig go without the proper protection - whether you drive local or nationwide.

• Low Down Payment Options

• DOT Fillings

• A Better Rate Per Unit

We Pick Up Where Others Leave Off.

With more than four decades of experience in the truck fleet insurance niche, our professionals will walk you through every step of the truck coverage process. That way, you'll know exactly what you're getting at what price.

Our insurance professionals know the trucking industry, including the protection that you require. Because of that, we can provide you with a quick quote, and in turn, fast coverage so that you can be on your way safely and with confidence.

With our primary focus on non-profits and schools across the United States, Givesurance Insurance Services knows exactly how to drive solutions to fit your needs, regardless of the type of carrier.

In addition, as a socially responsible company, we take it one step further by giving back to the communities that we serve.

Our coverage includes solutions for:

• Long Haul Truckers

• Car Haulers

• Dump Trucks

• Tankers / Hazmat

• Box Trucks

• Intermodal Freight

We Don't Take Chances.

Navigating the truck insurance coverage maze can oftentimes be like driving through a storm without windshield wipers - a dangerous situation at best. But with the right navigation and tools, you - and your cargo - are much more likely to get to your destination safely.

That's how Givesurance Insurance Services works with you on your truck fleet insurance coverage needs. We know that no two routes are identical, and neither are the insurance requirements of rig owners. We'll provide you with a custom yet affordable quote, keeping your and your cargo going along the way.

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To get a fast quote now for truck or commercial liability insurance, or for general liability / workers' comp, just click below and we'll get you all the details that you need. Givesurance Insurance Services has a mission of keeping drivers and the trucking industry moving - so get your truck fleet insurance coverage from a trusted company with a solid history. 

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Call Now for Low Rates: (877) 294-7287

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